EPiServer Search

If you are having problems indexing your EPiServer 7 site using Lucene search try to add your sites url to the servers host file. Then try to index your site again. We did our first deploy of an EPiServer 7 site which was using Lucene search to a stage server a while ago.

Everything was working well in everyone’s development environment, but on the stage server we couldn’t get search to work. The server was a Windows 2008 R2, and at first the indexingservice wasn't installed. But after some fixes we managed to get the indexingservice installed, but it still wouldn’t index any content.

If you want to try indexing your site manually you could trigger it on this url


Check that the url in the web.config is correct:

     <add name="serviceName" ="http://[local.site.url]/IndexingService/IndexingService.svc" />

Even though we changed [local.site.url] to the stage servers address, it would not index the site. Probably because the servers address will respond with the public ip-address. So to fix this just add the sites url in the servers host file, and try to index the site again. This was at least the solution for our problem.